Police Looking for Milpitas Dealership Robbers

Police are looking for thieves that took off with thousands of dollars’ worth of ripped off wheels of brand new cars at a dealership in Milpitas.

According the dealership, the thieves cut open a chain link fence, drove a car off the lot, then made off with all four wheels from several other vehicles.

Ali Lawji said the thieves took all the milk crates that they usually have stacked in the back of their nearby store and used them to prop up the cars.

He was one of the first people to arrive the morning after the heist.

“Here somebody just come in the morning and we see the fence is broken and all tires is gone,” Lawji said.

The bandits took all four wheels off eight different cars. The general manager of the dealership said it’s a loss of tens of thousands of dollars plus the car that was also stolen.

This isn’t the only Northern California dealership that was hit. Last week, the Chevrolet dealership in Colfax, which is in Placer county, was also robbed.

In that incident, a sheriff’s deputy was alerted to the heist and three men from the Bay Area were arrested. Deputies in Placer County recovered $10,000 worth of wheels that were taken from five vehicles in that heist.

It’s not clear if these two cases are related.

Anyone with information on the Milpitas heist is asked to contact the police department.

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