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Police Raid Martinez Horror House Tied to Molotov Cocktails, Pipe Bomb

An early Friday morning police raid on a house in Martinez is drawing cheers from neighbors who say they've been living in fear.

Residents said the house was responsible for a pipe bomb and harassing behavior for the past year. Neighbors also said they thought that Molotov cocktails found nearby may have come from the house.

"It's kind of scary sometimes," resident Cameron Gutierrez said. "I get nervous coming up my street."

Gutierrez says his once quiet Martinez neighborhood has felt anything but safe over the past year. Neighbors said the house on Wayne Street has become a hotbed of scary activity.

Residents said in August, the bomb squad had to detonate a pipe bomb found on the property. Two weeks later, police said neighbors found two Molotov cocktails in a duffel bag across the street.

On Friday morning, police and the FBI zeroed in on the house and neighbors woke up to the sound of flash bang grenades as investigators broke down the front door and detained eight people inside.

Police said the investigation is ongoing. Neighbors are hopeful they'll soon have a sense of safety and peace on the street they call home.

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