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Police Rescue Hikers Cornered by Coyote

Police rescued two people Sunday morning after a coyote cornered the pair as they were hiking in a Burlingame park with their dogs.

At 9:07 a.m., officers responded to a report of a coyote threatening hikers and their dogs at Mills Canyon Park, located on Adeline Drive, according to police.

The hikers were walking on trails inside the park when they stumbled on the coyote. At one point, the hikers became cornered by the coyote, which seemed to be interested in the dogs.

Officers arrived at the scene and were able to scare off the coyote. The officers then safely escorted the hikers and their dogs out of the park.

Police are advising anyone hiking in the area to use caution, especially if hiking with small animals. All animals should be restrained when hiking, as coyotes can view small animals as potential food and larger animals as competition.

Pet owners are also advised to feed their animals indoors, as outdoor feeding can attract wild animals.

Hikers should also avoid feeding coyotes or any other wild animals.

In addition, hikers should not hesitate to scare coyotes by making loud noises and using bright lights.

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