‘I Felt Very Unprotected': Police Say Identity Theft on the Rise in Danville

Police said identity theft is on the rise in Danville.

Danville Police Chief Steve Simpkins said ID theft has increased by 25 percent in the last year, adding a spike in car thefts have contributed to the jump.

"A brief case, a wallet, a purse that's left in the vehicle is a treasure trove for bad guys because there is all the information they need to go establish credit," Simpkins said.

One of the victims reported a total of $15,000 taken from four credit cards in two weeks.

Danville Police Department

"I was very emotional," said Arzo Razaq, one of the victims. "I was scared. I felt very unprotected."

Thieves used Razaq's credit card to purchase thousands of dollars worth of items from stores she had never been to like a Lowe's in Antioch.

"It was very shocking," Razaq. "I was like a refrigerator, a washer dryer -- what's going on? In Antioch?"

Razaq also said thieves then hit retailers she had credit cards at, like Niemen Marcus, Victoria's Secret and Macy's.

"This person has my name, my address, my date of birth, my social security," Razaq said. "That is something I don't easily give out."

Razaq is not sure how her identity was stolen and police have made no arrests in the case.

"In my case it seemed very involved and it's very local," she said. "You know it's not in another state."

Authorities said they are now going through store surveillance video to try and track down the thieves. Police said suspects often target those who they believe have good credit.

"I think any community up and down our valley is going to be targeted because people want good credit," Simpkins said.

Police are also warning the public to be careful about sharing personal information.

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