Polina Edmunds Gets Homework Done in Sochi, Gets B in Spanish

In between jumping and twirling and coming home as one of the world's Top 10 skaters during the Sochi Olympics, as promised, Polina Edmunds got her homework done.

Not only did she read four chapters of the "Great Gatsby," as her English teacher at  Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose required, she also completed a Spanish assignment.

In a YouTube video the 15-year-old posted under the name "TripleLutzer18" on Feb. 23 - the same day as the Olympic closing ceremony - Polina interviewed U.S. Short Track Speed Skater Eddy Alvarez of Miami, who won a silver medal in the 5,000-meter short track relay.

In describing her video, Polina called the Cuban-born medalist an "awesome speed skater"  and documented that her short interview was for "my Spanish class back home in San Jose."

In a thick American accent, Polina asks Alvarez about his heritage and gives him an enthusiastic "Perfecto" after he tells her about his parents enmigrating from Cuba.

Her teacher who assigned the work, Leslie Zambo, told NBC Bay Area on Monday that Polina emailed her the questions she planned to ask about a week ago. Zambo helped correct some of the questions she planned to ask, and she was fully aware of Polina's efforts to get her homework done.

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Zambo thought it was "great" that Polina took the time to complete her biology, English, history, and of course, Spanish homework while she was skating in Sochi, coming in 9th place.

But as for the Spanish grade?

"I'd give her a B," Zambo said, acknowledging she's a stickler for Spanish. "I give her an A for skating, though. And the whole point of this was to have her speak another language and see how your world opens up even bigger."

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