Political Consultant Says He Ran Naked Around Capitol After Primary

Paul Mitchell tweeted a map of his supposedly naked run around the Capitol

This probably isn't the weirdest thing to happen in the California Capitol during election week, but it may be the funniest. 

Unlike most other states, California's rules for Senate races stipulate that the two candidates leaving the primary with the most votes will appear on the general election ballot, regardless of party affiliation. That means it's possible for two Democrats (or two Republicans) to face off in November. 

Skeptical of that outcome, political consultant Paul Mitchell bet that two Democrats wouldn't be the top two candidates vying for Barbara Boxer's open senate seat. He said, as the Sacramento Bee reports, that the odds on that happening were so unlikely that he would run naked around the Capitol if it did.

Well, as we know now, it happened. California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, both Democrats, collected the most votes and will appear on the November ballot. 

Like virtually everyone in politics, Mitchell claims he stayed true to his word. He posted on Twitter a link to a map that tracked his supposedly naked run. The location stamp shows that he was indeed at the Capitol building on June 8, and the lap he did around it was titled "streaking." 

He told the Bee there were only a few skateboarders nearby, and that he tried to make the most of natural coverage, including tents around the Capitol. 

No word yet on if Mitchell is hedging bets for general election candidates.

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