Popular Cab Stand at Ballpark May Get Axed

For once in this town, it was slightly easier than normal to catch a cab. And of course, cab-catching difficulty may be returning in short order.

The City set up a temporary taxi stand near the baseball park to accommodate larger-than-normal crowds. (Some kind of important sports-related contest is apparently underway.) The area is notoriously difficult for cabs to navigate, and so taxis frequently avoid it.

Long beard, indeed

Fans are left to wander the streets, searching for cabs elsewhere. Over the years, a few desperate individuals have attempted to ride Muni home from the ballpark. They are still standing at a bus stop to this day, beards growing to their knees, craning their necks hopefully and muttering, "should be coming any minute now."

Cabbies have lobbied for a cab stand near the park, and they love it. And so do fans: the cabs can't pick up fares fast enough. Lots of Texas fans have arrived in town, and they've relied on cabs since they're unaccustomed to San Francisco transportation.

Luxor Cab has launched an effort to keep the cab stand in place for good, and is currently trying to enlist other companies to join them.

For it's part, Muni has said that the stand will be temporary. They haven't decided yet whether it'll stick around after the season ends. If it goes away, cabbies will face hefty fines for stopping in the bus zones near the park: nearly $100, as much as some drivers make in a day. Rather than face that risk, many cab drivers will simply go elsewhere.

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