San Jose

Popular Local Restaurants at Mineta SJ May Be Going Away

There's something of a food fight going on at Mineta San Jose International Airport this week.

Some of the airport’s more popular restaurants likely will be replaced, and at least two of those restaurateurs say they’re upset about being kicked out after supporting the airport for nearly a decade.

San Jose Joe’s and The Brit say they’re ready to fight to keep their spots at SJC.

The San Jose City Council will soon vote on a new slate of restaurants for passengers to choose from, and while the public is weighing in, airport officials insist local cuisine will be represented.

Britannia Arms and San Jose Joe’s both are local and say they’re being pushed out after 10 years at the airport.

"The frustrating thing for us is that we’re a small business in downtown San Jose, and we feel that we, along with an San Jose Joe’s, reflect a sense of place," said John Conway, co-owner of Britannia Arms.

Conway and others feel they're victims of big business leaving small business out on the tarmac.

"We absolutely recognize that they’re disappointed, that their proposals to continue at our airport were not approved," SJC spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes said.

No final decisions have been made yet. The airport’s plan will go in front of the City Council next Tuesday. The two restaurants owners who didn’t make the cut say they’ll push the council to let them stay.

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