Palo Alto

Drop in Deliveries Forces Postal Service to Remove 81 Mailboxes in Palo Alto

The United States Postal Service will begin removing dozens of mailboxes along the Peninsula.

Postal service officials said mail delivery is down 26 percent since 2006, with many people swapping snail mail for e-mail. In addition, it is not cost effective for postal workers to stop for a pick up unless there are at least 25 pieces of mail a day, according to officials.

The dwindling numbers of mail being sent prompted USPS to announce the removal of 81 mailboxes in Palo Alto after Jan. 1. Notices have been posted on the mailboxes to inform residents of the planned removal.

"I'm sad in some ways because I mail a lot of letters and I like having mailboxes around," resident Carol Brouillet said.

For some, losing a neighborhood mailbox means staying in touch with family will be a little more difficult.

"It means I've got to walk farther every time I want to mail a letter," resident Bob Cook said. "And I'm an old man. You know, I don't like that."

Officials said 112 mailboxes will remain in Palo Alto. USPS officials said they are constantly monitoring mailbox usage and other neighbors will likely see similar notices.

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