Pot Dispensary Makes Claim on Parking Spots

A cannabis dispensary in San Francisco is holding an "only in San Francisco" event Friday. 

The SPARC dispensary is holding a block party that will be the exact size of two parking spaces.

SPARC is participating in international PARKing Day in the City. PARKing Day is yearly event that takes metered parking spaces and transforms them into temporary public parks and gardens.    It's fun for everyone expect those who are late for an appointment and can't find a parking space.

Themes are encouraged, but this is the first one we've come across that focuses on cannabis.

The pot shop says they will create a medicinal herb garden and meditation space.  That space will be all of the two of the parking spots in front of their Mission Street store.

To make things extra friendly they will giving away medicinal herbs and seeds.

Sorry guys, no marijuana will be offered. The freebie list includes mint, basil and chamomile.

SPARC stands for San Francisco Patient and Resource Center.

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