Oakland's ‘Pothole Vigilantes' Hosting Meetup as Efforts Expand

The so-called "Pothole Vigilantes" are at it again, and this time they're reaching out for sidekicks.

The anonymous men made famous for fixing potholes across Oakland on their own dime and time are hosting a meetup Thursday night to help get others involved in the pothole-filling activity.

The meetup is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. at Lowell Park in Oakland. The duo will hand out free tampers and bags of asphalt to anyone who is willing to help smooth out rough roads. The men also plan to teach people how to effectively cover craters in the pavement.

"We are just trying to inspire some sort of social movement, to inspire the community to fix the problems of their community on their own instead of waiting on people," one of the vigilantes said. "Ultimately, we would like to see all the potholes in Oakland filled. Hopefully that will happen soon, not only with our help but the community's help as well."

Over the past few weeks, the "Pothole Vigilantes" have filled about 30 potholes on their own and collected almost $5,000 in donations.

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