Preschool Facing Possible Closure in Antioch

About 300 preschool students in Antioch will have to find a new campus this summer.

A lease Kids' Club Preschool signed 10 years ago to operate at a district campus expires in July. Once the lease is up, the district plans to use the space for a special education program.

"The school district wants to help Kids' Club find a location that is acceptable, but needs to make space for special education kids that it is required by state and federal law to serve," said Addison Covert, the school district's attorney.

Hundreds of parents and their children attended a meeting Wednesday night.

Parent Sara Octaviano, who has a 3-year-old attending the program, said she does not see any other preschool alternatives if Kids' Club is forced to shut down.

"None as optimal as this preschool," she said. "The three teachers he has really helped him with his growth."

Kids' Club Executive Director Mark Mokski would like the district to leave things as they are while he tries to find a new location for the program.

Mokski said the district has failed to negotiate with him.

Kids' Club said it needs a lease extension or a refurbished or new building from the district.

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