Obamas Dine on Sonoma Wine

First Lady knocks back San Francisco-original cocktails

Sure, President Barack Obama and wife Michelle did Broadway for their date night.  But what they imbibed was pure San Francisco.

During their meal at Blue Hill in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, Michelle had not one but two martinis.  You may not know that the Martini cocktail has Bay Area roots.  It first appeared in print as a recipe from San Francisco bartender Jerry Thomas in 1887. 

On a more contemporary note, both of the Obamas knocked back glasses of 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from Hirsch Vineyards as part of the recommend wine pairings with their meal.

Blue Hill's David Barber sent a text to Jasmine Barber teasing her to guess who was drinking one of the Hirsch's vintages.

"I thought he was going to say some actor or something, which I could have cared less about," Hirsch told 7x7. "But when he said who it was, I thought, 'now that's interesting.'"

Hirsch naturally proceeded to gleefully text friends.

Nice to see him buying American, especially since the high end wine market has been struggling.

Though draining a bottle of Hirsch wines won't necessarily drain your wallet --
the bottle the Obamas shared costs $45 retail.

Photo by Michael Calore.

Jackson West would like to know what our Hawaii-born president pairs with Spam musubi and mac salad.

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