President Obama Admits He Is an Apple Fanboy

Just how far has Steve Jobs injected himself into American culture?

President Barack Obama must answer what he does with one of the Apple co-founder's digital delights, that's how far.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the most digital president in American history isn't making headlines fielding questions about the nation's education system or the continued US occupation of Afghanistan, instead Mr. Obama is dishing about who lives on his iPod.

It's not quite his Bill Clinton "boxer or briefs" moment -- he has literally already had one of those -- but it's close.

Mr. Obama said his short list includes hits by Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones (of course), Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne and Nas. Yes the president likes hardcore hip hop but you can blame his daughters for that, maybe.

The president says Sasha and Maliha have started to influence what he listens to. But we're guessing, hoping, that at age 12 and 11 the two are too young to be pushing Young Jeezy on the leader of the free world.

In all the former Chicago senator says he has about 2,000 songs on his iPod. But he's not saying whether he legally bought hem on iTunes or if he has jumped on the Ping bandwagon.

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