President Trump Will Visit Butte County With Gov. Brown and Gavin Newsom

President Donald Trump will meet with California Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom in Butte County on Saturday.

Butte County and Camp Fire victims have a range of reactions to the president's visit. 

The White House said the president will fly into Beale Air Force Base Saturday morning and land around 9:45 a.m. It’s possible one of his stops will be in Chico and meet with firefighters.

“It’s exciting, it makes you realize how bad this all is,” said Paradise resident Meghan Mickey.

For Mickey, the President’s visit is a small distraction to the harsh reality of the devistation of the fire. She’s living out of a van with her best friend and Megan’s three kids. The youngest is just one year old.

“He’s our president I’ll show him respect.” Mickey said.

Like most voters in Butte County, Megan voted for the then-candidate but not every Camp Fire victim is willing to welcome the President with open arms.

Paradise resident Dale Snook said that the president “cannot control his mouth” especially after the controversial tweets the president sent where he blamed the California wildfires on forestry mismanagement.

Outside of Hurricane Maria, this will be the deadliest natural disaster the President has faced with at least 71 deaths and more than 1,000 people still unaccounted for. Mickey’s message to the president is that he should help as much as he can.

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