Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Pays Visit to the Bay Area

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Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer is hitting the campaign trail hard in the Bay Area with less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

At a pub in Richmond Thursday, Steyer joked about being back in his home state.

"I'm here personally to change my clothes," he said.

Joking aside, the Stanford University graduate admitted winning California is important both politically and personally.

"Look, I'm from California," he said. "I obviously care an enormous amount about California."

While Steyer is in the Golden State, many other candidates are focusing on Iowa. The caucuses are four weeks before the Super Tuesday primary. Steyer said he's dividing his time because every state counts.

"This is actually not a national vote," he said. "This is a series of state votes."

Steyer launched the "Need to Impeach" movement more than two years ago and traded barbs with President Donald Trump on Twitter once again Wednesday. Trump called Steyer a "major loser," prompting Steyer to respond, in part, "Impeachment is forever."

"That's not a personal insult," Steyer said. "That's a statement of absolute historical fact."

The California billionaire appears to not be threatened by the current commander in chief.

"I find him amusing. I don't take his insults seriously," Steyer said, later adding, "Every time he lashes out is because he's weak and scared."

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