Apple Charges 54% More for Battery Replacements

Apple has glued the battery onto the the new notebooks making replacement cost 54 percent more than older models.

The new MacBook Pro with Retina display has a clunky name but is one heck of a powerful machine. To run it, it requires a strong battery, which Apple has glued into the notebook and which replacing costs 54 percent more than older models.

The MacBook Pro's battery is 95 watt-hours, which means it can produce a watt of power for 95 hours, and the same sized battery is in the new product.

Replacing it, though, costs $129, which is 54 percent more than the replacing the older MacBook's battery.

A user can't replace the battery himself, since it's actually stuck inside the machine with adhesive. Instead, one has to ship it to Apple to get it replaced.

According to Apple, the MacBook Pro with Retina display's battery can be charged 1,000 times before it slips to 80 percent capacity.

Still, a pretty penny for a battery.


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