‘Ridiculous' Hat Gets FB Page

"What is that on Princess Beatrice's head? A hat or a pink sea monster?" you might have asked while watching the Royal Wedding this past Friday. Apparently more than 130,000 people were just as fascinated by Princess Beatrice's headgear at the British Royal Wedding.

"Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat" has more than 130,000 admirers on Facebook, with a number of people creating fan art dedicated to the pink Philip Treacy hat, according to The Daily Mail. Some of the most fascinating involve "Star Trek" and repurposing the hat as a cat flap.

Some comments:

Valeria Aloe: 
Does anybody know if the Queen recovered from her massive headache? I mean...the one she got after sitting at the church ceremony for an hour or so, so close to these ribbon-looking high voltage antenna?

Bill Larkin:
Looks like antlers. Good job Prince Phillip didn't have his guns with him or she might have had to make a run for it

Sammy Meow:
The great thing to come out of this is I now know which one is Beatrice. Go Hat

Some say Princess Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson -- who wasn't invited to the wedding -- suggested the hat to draw attention away from Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton. Other say it was just a poor fashion decision to wear a giant pink flying spaghetti monster on your head. Either way, if you consider it hideous, interesting or pretty, the hat is  possibly the breakout star of the Royal Wedding. (Take thatfrowning flower girl!)

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