Surprise! Both Red and Blue Want Pot Legal

Young Democrats, Republican Liberty Caucus endorse marijuana decriminalization

Proposition 19, the Tax Cannabis Act, got some recent political boosts in terms of two endorsements from party organizations on both sides of the aisle.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of California gave their endorsement, arguing that "Clearly the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle free men and women living on free soil to grow and smoke marijuana."

Can they get an amen?

They can! And from Republican congressional nominee John Dennis, who's running against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in the November election.

Dennis argues that Proposition 19 will "restore freedom to adults over what they choose to consume. In addition, it will help reduce violence between rival drug gangs and law enforcement along the U.S./Mexico border."

Yes, that means that pro-decriminalization candidate for San Francisco's congressional district is the Republican, as the state and national Democratic Party won't be endorsing Proposition 19, and it's unlikely that Pelosi will.

However, the California Young Democrats have. The larger state party bureaucracy was worried about offending the sensibilities of statewide candidates, but the kids couldn't care less -- and, frankly, the party's counting on them to show up and vote for said candidates that are opposed to decriminalization.

So, support from both sides of the aisle, though from the opposite sides of the room.

Jackson West lives on the fringe.

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