Prosecutors Highlight Theranos Machines in Trial Against Sunny Balwani

NBC Universal, Inc.

Theranos machines that were used to draw blood from patients took center stage in the Sunny Balwani trial Tuesday with a longtime Walgreens executive telling jurors that he worked closely with Balwani.

The testimony from the Walgreens executive is what prosecutors hope will convince the jury that Balwani was not merely an investor in Theranos, but a key decision maker as well.

The Theranos machines not only gave some Walgreens customers inaccurate results, but turned out to use third party equipment for much of the actual testing, instead of Theranos technology.

The prosecution on Tuesday also introduced more text messages between Balwani and Elizabeth Holmes. In this set of text messages, Balwani tells Holmes that he did not tell Walgreens that he switched the machines.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday.

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