San Francisco

Protest Demands Justice for Man Fatally Shot By San Francisco Police

Protesters hit the streets late Friday demanding justice for a 20-year-old man fatally shot by police in San Francisco last year.

New questions were also raised about the deadly shooting after a medical examiner's report reveals police shot Amilcar Perez-Lopez from behind. Protesters said the report proves the shooting was not justified.

"The physical evidence speaks for Amilcar," said Arnoldo Casillas, an attorney representing Perez-Lopez's family.

Casillas told protesters outside San Francisco's Mission police station the medical examiner's newly released autopsy report reveals police shot Perez-Lopez from behind.

The report is released one year after the deadly shooting on Folsom Street, near 24th Street.

Police said officers fired when Perez-Lopez threatened them with a knife as they responded to a call of a man chasing another man with a knife.

During Friday night's demonstration, dancers held a ceremony at the scene of the shooting before leading protesters on a march.

"These officers have to be prosecuted. The DA has to do the right thing. The family wants him to do the right thing," said.

Casillas said the family in Guatemala will have a rosary for nine night in Perez-Lopez's honor. He plans to send them video of Friday's march -- a march many are hoping leads to change.

"I have a son and if he was stopped for possibly committing a crime, and he was shot in the back and killed, I don't know what I would do," San Francisco-resident Bissa Zamboodi said. "There has to be a different way to approach this problem."

Perez-Lopez's family has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Francisco, but the attorney said it is stalled until the district attorney completes his investigation. The DA has not decided if the shooting was justified or not.

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