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Protesters Flood San Francisco Streets to Demand Closure of Immigrant Detention Camps

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of San Francisco Monday demanding a closure of the immigrant detention camps at the border.

The day-long protest and march in the Mission District was planned for Mexican Independence Day and came ahead of President Donald Trump's planned Bay Area visit Tuesday.

"How is it that we can treat these children, these families the way that they do after they cross three borders with atrocious conditions," said Jon Jacobo, who helped organize the demonstration.

The group marched and took their message to City Hall, where some city leaders came out to support the protesters.

"We oppose his policies," demonstrator Millie Phillips said. "We will stand up. We will fight back and try to do whatever we can to alter those policies and change them."

While there were no organized counter protests, at least one Trump supporter was in the crowd. Maggie Vandenberghe is a conservative activist and said she's excited the president will spend time in the Bay Area.

"People don't realize how many Trump supporters there are here in California because we've been bullied into submission and silence," Vandenberghe said.

But protest organizers hope the large demonstration sends a clear message to the president.

"It makes me feel good that this is the pre-arrival," Jacobo said. "This is letting him know exactly what we stand for as a city."

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