Protesters in Car Caravan Ask for Action in Wake of Sean Monterrosa Killing

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Protesters in Vallejo organized a car caravan Tuesday to demand the city council defund the police in the wake of the killing of 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa.

Dozens of people caravanned to the home or business of every city council member to urge them to vote to defund the police at Tuesday's meeting and spend that money elsewhere.

"In health services, affordable housing services, mental health, youth programs and things of that nature," said Louis Michael of Vessels of Vallejo.

This comes as the state attorney general launches an investigation into allegations that police destroyed evidence in the Monterossa case.

Body cam video from early last month shows police responding to a report of looting. One officer firing the fatal shots from the back seat, right through the front windshield. That windshield was replaced and discarded. 

An attorney for the Vallejo police officers says it had already been photographed and examined. 

Attorneys for the Monterrosa family say they should have been allowed to examine it themselves.

The city says it has contacted the FBI to help with the investigation.

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