San Francisco

Protesters Rally Against New San Francisco Jail

A new jail is in the works in San Francisco, but some people don't think it's really needed. Their argument is it is a waste of money. And they're sharing that message right now in San Francisco.

Conversations are in place about a proposed replacement jail in San Francisco. The group Critical Resistance released a report on what they call the harms and wastefulness, which is planned as a replacement of the old Hall of Justice.

Protesters said the incarceration rate is low, and key alternatives include bail reform and expanding mental health diversion programs.

"We don’t need to build another jail wasting $290 million on something that will be unnecessary," Critical Resistance spokesman Mohamed Shehk said. "And as we have seen, putting up a new jail just means its going to be filled, imprisoning more people."

One early idea floated for the jails is that it would reduce the number of beds and promote rehabilitation. That care is complex, ranging from those with psychiatric needs to those in gangs.

There is antiquated designs and space constraints, and the new jail would offer better service, according to proponents.

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