San Francisco

Demonstrators in San Francisco Demand Senators Reject Confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Folks in San Francisco on Saturday gathered together to share one message with senators: reject the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

The impassioned demonstrators in the city by the bay joined demonstrators from 13 other cities across the nation as part of rejection effort, which was coined "The People's Filibuster."

Gorsuch is expected to face a confirmation vote next week, but protesters at Justin Herman Plaza wanted Democratic senators to understand they have support if they choose to say "no" to the impending confirmation.

"It is about getting people out to show the senators that are opposing Gorsuch that we have their backs, that senators will support the filibuster, that we have their backs," Cat Carter from the People's Defense said.

Demonstrators added that they do not favor some of Gorsuch's ideologies and stances, which could resemble those of President Trump.

Avril Swan of San Francisco said she's worried how Gorsuch would rule on women's rights. She also voiced concern that Gorsuch's rulings could end up "supporting corporations over individuals."

Ellen Koiviston of San Francisco added that she wants transparency and fairness among the federal government's leading bodies.

"We gotta make sure we have the Supreme Court actually operating as a check and balance," she said.

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