Protesters Take Message to Danville Sheriff's Home

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Dozens of Black Lives Matter protesters decided to bring their issue right to the doorstep of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Danville home Monday.

They demanded the county shut down juvenile hall, defund law enforcement and move that money to areas where they think it can do more “social good.”

“Investing in education, criminal justice, housing,” said protester Marilyn. She and others in the caravan set up their cars as moving billboards and headed for the sheriff’s home in Danville.

"We tried other avenues we were in their offices, marched in the streets, it fell on deaf ears," said protester Melvin Willis.

The caravan grew as it got closer to sheriff David Livingston’s home.  Once they arrived, a few dozen protesters got out to pray and share stories of how they say they experienced excessive force at the hands of law enforcement.

Neighbors say the sheriff warned them protesters were coming to his house. Neighbor Michael Edwards said he was okay with the peaceful demonstration.

"It’s a public street, peaceful protest. I think it’s wrong but I don’t know how to legally and morally prevent it," said neighbor Michael Edwards.

Law enforcement drones and helicopters tracked the protest and officers were on standby nearby in case things got out of hand.

“He was here, drones are all here, he was physically not here, but he was here,” said protester Tamisha Walker.

Protesters said they want Sheriff Livingston to resign but a sheriff’s department spokesperson says that is not going to happen.

He says the sheriff wants to work with the public on making reforms in the department.

“They can peacefully protest, and march, as long it doesn’t impede on someone else’s right. It was definitely a win-win,” said Jimmy Lee from the sheriff’s department.

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