Protesters in San Francisco Rally For and Against Strike on Syria

Bay Area protesters are showing solidarity with other protesters across the country to either condemn or encourage a possible U.S. military action in Syria.

Today, the Vote No War Against Syria coalition took their protest through the streets of San Francisco chanting, "The people say no war."

The coalition said now is the time for people to step up pressure on congress, and demand they vote no to any resolution authorizing a military attack on Syria.

"For the coming weeks, we will be in the streets every day to make this war not happen," protester Gloria Lariva said. "We want jobs, schools, housing. We don't want to see our Syrian brothers and sisters die in our name."

The group said protests like these are playing a critical role in the worldwide opposition to the threatened U.S. war on Syria.

Supporters of U.S.-military involvement in Syria also took to the streets of San Francisco today.

A local Syrian-American advocacy group held a pro U.S.-intervention rally in Union Square.

The president of the local chapter of the Syrian American Council, Feras Alhlou, said the U.S. must take action against the Assad regime. 

"Without an action by the U.S. will result in more death and destruction and increased threats to our national security and also to the security of our allies," Alhlou said. "Decisive action is the only true anti-war strategy."

The group says this is the only option to end the cycle of violence and destruction in Syria.

Last weekend, protesters also took to the streets throughout the Bay Area and held similar rallies.

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