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Protester Flock to San Francisco EPA Headquarters to Protest Chief Scott Pruitt

Over a hundred people stood outside the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in San Francisco Friday morning and chanted "Pruitt is a tool of corporate rule."

Demonstrators showed up to voice their opposition against President Donald Trump's appointed EPA Chief Scott Pruitt and the rolling back of several environmental regulations.

"We have to make sure our water's protected. We have to make sure that Flint, Michigan, doesn't become the norm," said one protester, Rico Sisney, with the environmental group Greenpeace.

"As soon as we're rolling back regulations, that's what we're allowing to happen. These are issues that are going to affect everyone," said Sisney said.

The newly appointed EPA Administrator for San Francisco region Mike Stoker said he has offered to meet with some of the protesters in the upcoming weeks.

"I think there’s some really good people out there," Stoker said.

Besides being criticized for rollback of regulations, Pruitt has also been under fire for unending barrages of ethics complaints and federal inquiries.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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