Psycho Donuts Serves “Foie Bombs,” Campbell Police Called

Psycho Donuts' "Foie Bombs." People either love them or hate them.

Those "bombs" would be the Foie gras mousse-laced doughnut holes, where early Friday morning, about 100 customers lusting for duck and goose liver were already lined up out front of the Campbell doughnut store on National Doughnut Day, hoping to snag a free - and controversial - treat.

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Those against the foie gras doughnuts have threatened to hurt the baker, Ron Levi.

Levi said that he believes his customers love the delicacy, and most of the criticism has come from animal rights groups trying to rile people up.

Many people consider the production of foie gras inhumane because it comes from the fatty liver of a duck or goose that has been force fed. 

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California banned the sale of the delicacy.  Psycho Donuts is getting around that law by giving away its foie bombs for free.

Psycho Donuts tells NBC Bay Area they didn't mean to create this controversy but point out in spite of those it has been good for business.

As a precaution though, Levi said he is taking the threats against him seriously enough to give Campbell police a call.

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