Psycho Donut Theme Making People “Mad”

Any press is good press when it comes to this kind of small business

Today in the South Bay, mental health advocates will march and rally against a tiny donut shop that celebrates all things nutty.

We're talking about Campbell's Psycho Donuts.  A small group of people who find the theme offensive are truly "mad" about it.

Psycho Donut owners admit they are making fun of all things crazy, but don't see anything wrong with it.  The shop is equipped with a padded booth, a straight jacket and a group therapy area. 

Donut specialties include the "bipolar," the "psycho" and "massive head trauma," and employees wear lab coats or nursing outfits.

The Bay Area chapter of the "National Alliance for Mental Illness" is not buying it.  

Mental health activist Juliene Larsen,  said the shop and its supporters,  "act as if it is all right for society to accept a Beavis and Butthead mentality in real life."

Larsen, who works with Community Alliance United to Seek Equality (CAUSE), said the idea hurts those who have suffered because of the stigma of being diagnosed with an illness that leaves most people in shame.

If you side with Larsen, you can join the CAUSE march Sunday morning at 11 a.m. at the corner of Civic Center Drive and North Central Avenue.

If you side with the donut shop it is just across the street in a strip mall on Campbell Avenue at Winchester.

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