Public Schools Look to Marketing Parking Lots, Ball Fields

San Francisco schools look for clever new ways to make money

Scottpargettphotography on Flickr

Some schools cancel summer school to close budget gaps others rent out facilities.

The San Francisco Unified School District is flirting with the idea of renting out parking lots and fields on some of its campuses. The move could help the district deal with a projected $113 million deficit. School officials met with the City to discuss expanding the program Thursday.

Recreation and Park officials told the San Francisco Examiner a pilot program renting out fields helped fill a demand in the City. And regardless of how much money it nets, at least it is a creative attempt to bring new money into an entity that has "more real estate than revenues."

This week San Francisco City College decided to save $4 million by canceling summer school. But the move put students already struggling for a seat in class in the awkward position of having even fewer options to complete necessary credits.

Photo: Scottpargettphotography on Flickr

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