Pucker Up, San Francisco

Mistletoe pops up throughout City

It's Christmastime in the City and along the streets, at bus stops, crosswalks and corner signs in San Francisco this weekend, city-goers will also be seeing something seasonably appropriate: mistletoe.

Dozens of bundles of the kiss-provoking plant were randomly placed in public places throughout the City. There's some on Valencia Street, in the Castro and near the Ferry Building.

The anonymous jolly souls who planted the sprigs told the Laughing Squid they wanted to, "cause a few moments where random folks will see the mistletoe, make eye contact, and then be faced with the choice of social norms: ignore the stranger and be a callous soulless creature, or smile and kiss a total stranger."

A jolly holiday gesture, for sure. An admirable and heart-warming act of random sweetness. There's just one more thing that they might have added to the bundles of mistletoe: surgical masks. May we suggest saving the real kisses for the one you hold dear and instead, blow a kiss to a stranger. Locking lips with a random passerby could spread a lot more than holiday cheer.

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