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Pup Reunites With His Owners After Being Taken by Delivery Men in SF

A 1-year-old pup was reunited with his owners weeks after a furniture-delivery man took him from a San Francisco neighborhood.

Otto, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel snuck out of the house on Dec. 7 and was picked up by a man who then hopped into a MAQ Transport van that was delivering furniture to a man three doors down.

Chris Ham, Otto’s owners said he called the company, desperate to find Otto.

"It was terror like a huge amount of fear," Ham said. "The helper said they let him out a block later which didn’t line up with the first guy’s story so just a really strange story."

The MAQ workers took pictures to document their deliveries that day and in one of the photos was Otto.

Ham called the police and was surprised to learn they were already investigating MAQ workers for a stolen Gucci purse a week earlier. A Sergeant’s call to the men in the truck lead to this confession.

"He took the dog, brought it home to his girlfriend, she didn’t want it so he gave it to a good home. I asked him to get the dog back and he did," said Kristina Johnson from the San Francisco Police Department.

On Tuesday, they reunited.

"We are just immediately hysterical crying and Otto had his tail between his legs he’s like 'what’s wrong? Why are you guys so upset?'" Ham said.

Police said there are no charges in either case. The purse owner was just glad to get her purse back and officers said the guy who grabbed Otto could say he thought Otto was a stray.

For Ham, he is just happy to have Otto home.

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