Victim in Deadly Shooting at Gilroy Councilwoman's Home Identified

Police have arrested one suspect and are seeking a second potential suspect

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There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the deadly shooting that happened early Saturday at the home of a Gilroy councilwoman.

Four people were shot at Councilwoman Rebeca Armendariz's home, according to officials. An 18-year-old victim, identified as Michael Daniel Zuniga-Macias, died and three others were hurt. Two of those victims remain in the hospital while the remaining victim was treated and released.

Police have arrested 19-year-old David Calderon in the case and are seeking a potential second shooting suspect.

Following an initial search at the scene, authorities recovered two firearms, officials said. It wasn't immediately known if either of those firearms were used in the shooting.

A flier neighbors say was used to promote a Halloween party at the home features the letters "BYOB" and "BYOW" for "bring your own beer" and "bring your own weed."

Gilroy Mayor Marie Blankley said she hasn't spoken to Armendariz since the shooting.

"I’ve been trying to be strong myself, but today has been particularly emotional," Blankley said.

Blankley said it's unclear what next steps, if any, the city might take.

"We all have questions that can't be answered yet," she said. "This remains an active investigation with many unanswered questions."

Police are not releasing Calderon’s mugshot, saying they still have to coordinate a photo lineup with witnesses.

Armendariz did not immediately reply to text messages on Monday, and she was not home all day.

She released a statement over the weekend saying there is little she could say because the investigation is ongoing. She also said she is praying for the victims and is cooperating with police.

There is a vigil scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday. There is also a city council meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. It wasn't immediately clear if Armendariz would attend either event.

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