race for a vaccine

Bay Area Counties Expected to Receive Moderna Vaccines

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Tens of thousands of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccines were expected to arrive Tuesday in Santa Clara and Marin counties, according to plans that has been months in the making.

Earlier this month, the Santa Clara County received 17,000 Pfizer vaccines, and Tuesday's Moderna batch was expected to be 39,000 doses.

The big question remained: Who is eligible to get one? First, it will go to those the state and federal governments have deemed to be in the highest risk category: health care workers in hospitals, and staff and residents in skilled nursing facilities.

The county says not everyone in those priority groups will get vaccinated due to limited supply, but more doses are expected to be available in the coming weeks and months.

Different counties are receiving different amounts based on what the state finds necessary. In Marin County, a shipment of about 3,100 doses was delivered Monday, and health care workers and those in nursing homes were expected to be vaccinated Tuesday.

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