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Vaccine Confidence: Are People Eager to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

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One of the many concerns with the coronavirus vaccine is how quickly it was developed -- less than a year, when the fastest previous vaccine development had been four years.

But people also have said they trust the FDA's vetting process. A recent Pew Research study shows confidence in the vaccine is growing:

  • 29% say they definitely would get the vaccine
  • 31% probably would get the vaccine
  • 21% probably would not get the vaccine
  • 18% definitely would not get the vaccine

People who talked with NBC Bay Area generally were split on whether they'll get the vaccine:

"If it’s FDA approved, I’d get it," Livermore resident Chris Cuppoletti said.

Santana Texeira of Livermore said: "For it to have been made within a year, I'm just like, no, I'm not going to do it."

"At this point, I’d say 90% I’m OK with it," San Jose's Syed Rahaman said.

Angela Medeiros of Livermore added: "I want to see side effects before I'm sure."

"I will, but not the first one," Milpitas resident and former health care worker Susan Anderson said. "I don’t want to take two injections, I'd like to take just one."

While there are a few one-shot vaccines in the works, the Pfizer vaccine requires two doses for full protection.

All 327,000 doses headed to California in the first phase of distribution are intended for health care workers and care facility residents and staff. Here’s the Bay Area breakdown:

  • Santa Clara County, 17,500
  • Alameda County, 13,650
  • San Francisco, 12,000
  • Contra Costa County, 10,000
  • San Mateo County, 6,000
  • Sonoma County, 4,875
  • Solano County, 3,900
  • Marin County, 1,950
  • Napa County, 1,950

The FDS will consider approval for the Moderna vaccine next Thursday.

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