Racist Fax Threatens Leland Lee With a Rush Limbaugh A*#-Kicking

Senator receives threatening fax from an apparent Rush Limbaugh fan.

State Sen. Leland Yee received a threatening fax supposedly from a Rush Limbaugh supporter Wednesday.

Yee said he received a fax that called him a Marxist and "Fish Head Leeland Lee." The letter continued by saying Limbaugh would kick Yee's "chink ass." It closed with the phrase "Death to all Marxists."

The letter also came with an illustration of a pick up truck with an American flag dragging the head of President Barack Obama in a noose.

It comes a week after Yee asked the conservative radio talk show host for an apology after Limbaugh made fun of the Chinese language.

Limbaugh was describing a Fox News broadcast that had faulty translation of a speech given by Chinese President Hu Jintao when for almost 20 seconds he spoke gibberish Chinese. "Normally they translate every couple of words, but Hu Jintao was  just going chin chong, chin chong cha..." Limbaugh said before continuing to  mimic the language.
Yee said of the threat, "To see, and to hear, and to receive these kinds of horrible  statements and racist threats is truly angering."

"I thought we could end this by just having someone apologize."

Yee said the fax was turned over to the Senate sergeant-at-arms to investigate.

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