Rain Could Extend Allergy Season

Itchy noses and watery eyes could be here for a little longer.

Rosy Irsheid is 23-years-old and has never had allergies until this spring.

"My nose is itchy and my eyes are itchy too," she said. "I have never experienced this before."

Welcome to the allergy club and welcome to a potentially longer season.

"Allergy season has hit the Bay Area," Dr. Katharine Nelson, an allergist with South Bay Allergy, said. "We have had rain and that has caused mold. Then we had warm air so that caused the trees to bloom early. Now with this rain we are likely to see more grass pollens in the next few weeks so that could mean a more severe allergy season for people allergic to grass."

Nelson said the warm weather caused a surge in blooms from trees such as Oak, juniper, birch and cedar.

At the South Bay Allergy and Asthma Group in San Jose, patients with allergies have been flooding in searching for relief.

Paul Harth has been a member since he was a kid.

"I take Claritin every day," he said.

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