Rain Picking Up in South Bay's First Storm of 2014

The North Bay and San Francisco has gotten hammered by the rain, and now, the South Bay is finally seeing some of the wet stuff.

It started raining in San Jose at about 5 p.m. Sunday.  It has been heavy at times, sometimes just a sprinkle, but it has not stopped.

This is the first storm the South Bay has seen this winter, but the Deputy Operating Officer at the Santa Clara Water District said there needs to be several more big storms to make a marked difference.

"I think it would take a good 8 inches of rain basically to start seeing any measurable runoff into our local reservoirs," Joan Maher said. "The water sheds are that dry."

Earlier Sunday, people were hanging out at the Lexington Reservoir in an area that would usually be covered in water.

The reservoir is part of the groundwater system which collects rainfall that the water district then releases throughout the year, but mother nature is not cooperating.

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The district has already set a preliminary water-use reduction target of 10 percent and will consider additional recommendations at their Feb. 25 meeting.

Until then, the hope is that there will be many more rainy days like Sunday.

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