Raising The Bar: Clif Plans Bay Area Expansion

Sales up, company plans new hires

You know their product - heck, you've probably hiked/biked/camped/traveled with the kids with these Bay Area goodies that you've packed away.

We're talking about Clif Bars: Always there when you need them, to give you a boost of energy. 

That energy translates into the East Bay-based business side of things, too.

Clif has plans to expand its headquarters on its current property, and hire more people at a steady pace in the near future, though an exact number wasn't readily handy. Still, there are several job openings right now.

All that should be- welcome news in light of Friday's lackluster jobs report, where the unemployment rate remains more than 8 percent.

By nearly every account, Clif Bar is a great place to work.

Tucked just outside of what most consider to be Silicon Valley, Clif's Emeryville headquarters is a study in environmental science: Solar panels on the roof, recycled jeans line the ceiling, and every employee is given his or her own bike.

There's even a wall of Clif Bars to snack on - a wall that will soon have to expand, as the company's head count expands. Given a tour of the window-sided building, Clif President Kevin Cleary told NBC Bay Area that he has to hire more people, "because people want to buy from companies they know and trust and are doing right by their communities."

By this, he doesn't just mean the Bay Area community; he means the cycling, kayaking, hiking, and running communities where Clif does the bulk of its marketing - what Cleary calls the customer's "Points of Passion."

Clif - named after the founder's father - is one of those companies you kind of find yourself rooting for. It's a cool place to hang around, and it oozes fitness. Also, it's a bona fide growth story in an area famous for them.

A growth story with, as Cleary says, one big difference: "We get to eat our product, which is great."

Scott, munching, can be found on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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