San Francisco

Rash of Car Break-Ins Leaves Mount Sutro Residents on Edge

Residents of San Francisco's Mount Sutro are on alert after nearly two dozen car break-ins occurred overnight Thursday.

The crimes are the latest round of smash-and-grabs in the city.

Resident Erin Coe caught a glimpse of crushed glass Thursday morning while walking her preschooler to their sky blue Volkwasgen.

"I'm just tired," Coe said. "My car has been stolen before. My moving truck has been stolen here. And now this happened, just a break-in."

Coe has plenty of company.

University of California, San Francisco pharmacist student Nancy Ramirez called for a window replacement after her boyfriend's car got the same criminal treatment.

"Well the police officers were already here when I came [in the morning] so they knew, when I looked at it, that it was my car," Ramirez said. "So they kind of just made a case out of it."

In the dead of the night, some 15 cars were burglarized at a UCSF housing facility, Aldea San Miguel on Clarendon and Johnstone.

University police are investigating and confirm 21 car break-ins when you include the surrounding neighborhood.

Despite copious amounts of shattered glass, there are no reports of any injuries. UCSF said its recently taken precautions to improve security here with enhanced lighting and tree-trimming for visibility.

Police currently have no suspect in their sights.

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