Rash of Dead Bird Discoveries in Gilroy Neighborhood

Dead birds are turning up at an alarming rate in a Gilroy neighborhood, and it is making residents uncomfortable and confused.

It’s even caught the attention of police.

Several neighbors posted about the dead birds on a community Facebook page. One woman reported that she saw two dead doves in the area of in the area last week. Another user claimed someone has been shooting the birds in the area of Third and Hanna streets.

Gilroy officers confirmed they received calls about the dead birds over the weekend, and the department now is working with Animal Control to figure out why the birds are dying, although they don’t believe it to be an unusually high number.

Homeowner Morena Flores said she thinks someone is killing the birds.

"One night, I heard a lot of shooting," she said. "I said, ‘Something is going on.’ And the next morning, I find the birds."

Gilroy police said there's no evidence to support a shooting took place, but they are asking everyone to call them if they see anything.

The department also said Animal Control is looking into all possibilities, including the doves being sick, and are testing the ones they pick up on the street.

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