Reality Star Reacts to Drive-Thru Prank

A local actor made famous in part by pulling painful pranks issued a warning after a copy-cat seriously injured a drive-through employee over the weekend.

“When pranks and stunts become pain and hurt people, and do things like that, and ruins people’s lives, it’s not funny any more,” Telly Blackwood said.

Blackwood is a reality show star who appeared on MTV's "Viva La Bam." He credits members of that cast with creating the “Fire in the Hole” prank years ago.

In the stunt, drive-through customers throw food or beverages they’ve ordered back at the cashier.

Over the weekend, someone copied the stunt, leaving a Boston Market cashier with second-degree and third-degree burns.

“I think it’s out of control,” Blackwood said.

Blackwood called KCRA 3 after hearing about the prank that injured that employee, David Almas.

KCRA 3 spoke to Almas Sunday night about pranks like the ones Blackwood used to pull. Many are posted online, and Almas said he found it appalling that people would make light of something so serious.

Blackwood admits he sometimes feels responsible for giving people the ideas.

“I encourage all to not do those things,” Blackwood said.

Roseville police are still looking for the people responsible for the prank that injured Almas. They could face felony assault charges.

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