Reality TV Coming to Local Pot Shop

Oakland medical marijuana shop set to take part in new TV series


You've heard of Storage Wars, now get ready for Weed Wars.

Discovery Channel is getting ready to launch a new reality TV show that will feature an East Bay pot shop.

Harborside Health Center calls itself the world's largest legal retailer of cannabis. Someone must have believed the hype because now Harborside is set to be the feature store in Weed Wars. says the new show will follow marijuana reform activist and Harborside owner Steve DeAngelo. It will focus on the shop's daily business and the growing of the product, from seed to final plant.

Harborside handles some 800 patients a day and pays $3 million per year in taxes.

A representative from the Discovery Channel said the network became interested in producing the show because it wants to be monitor the business at the forefront of a developing movement.

The show will premiere in the fall. 

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