San Jose

Reckless Driving Makes Residents in SJ Neighborhood Feel Unsafe

A San Jose neighborhood is concerned about safety after residents were awakened early Sunday morning by reckless driving.

Two cars started doing donuts at 4 a.m. in the neighborhood at the base of Communications Hill, and neighbors say they’re frustrated because it’s not the first time it’s happened.

One of the residents shot video of two cars spinning donuts. Another neighbor named Justin says he saw a similar scene last month.

"A person pulled up and did donuts, and everyone sat at the intersection and watched," he said.

Resident Andres Mino says he no longer walks along Hillsdale Avenue because he’s concerned the drivers doing the stunts may spin out of control.

"I was in my living room, and I heard screeching, screeching, and I thought 'What is that?'" Mino said.

A mile away a circle of tread marks can be seen where other cars did donuts. Neighbors say enough is enough.

"It’s definitely a danger to the community," Mino said. "When we walk, we avoid that street."

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