Record Highs in the Forecast

The deluge of rain will be a very distant memory by the end of the week.

She admits she is going out on a limb, but NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren has forecast a high of 90 degrees for the city of Santa Rosa this week.

Loren says the North Bay city will hit the 90-degree mark Thursday. If it happens that will shatter the city's record high of 83 degrees.

That is just one of the record high temperatures in danger of falling. San Jose, Oakland and Napa could also break records.

Here's why:

Forecast models show a big ridge of high pressure moving toward the Bay Area and Loren says that ridge will be at its maximum strength on Thursday. She says there is a chance the ridge could stick and keep the region extra warm Friday as well.

Loren has the following high temps for Thursday:

  • San Jose 82
  • Concord/Livermore 82
  • Napa 80s
  • San Francisco 75
  • Oakland 78

The warming trend will be short lived. Loren says even in the best case scenario, the ridge breaking down by Saturday.

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