Jackie Speier

Rep. Jackie Speier Holds Impeachment Town Hall Meeting in South San Francisco

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Hundreds of people showed up at an impeachment town hall meeting in South San Francisco Thursday to talk to Congresswoman Jackie Speier and a law professor to make sense of the drama unfolding in Washington and on their TVs.

Speier told the crowd the house did its job in pursing impeachment and time will tell if what's happening in the senate is a trial or a charade.

“If we do not pursue justice, even against the odds our country fails,” said Speier.

The congresswoman said house managers are presenting a convincing case.

A Stanford constitutional law professor said the case meets the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors.

“It's abuse of power abuse of power for political gain,” said law professor Bernadette Meyler.

Meyler told the crowd it's possible senators will vote to allow witnesses and documents after republicans present their case.

“I think that's where the greatest concern is that future presidents would be able to stonewall congress or stonewall courts to refuse to turn over documents,” Meyler said.

Voters say they want senators to demand to see and hear all the evidence.

“Hopefully get enough senators to come to realization our democracy is in danger this is not about getting re-elected,” said Pacifica resident John Mendoza.

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