Report: Cow Hollow/Marina Are The Places To Be For Millennials

Are you a Millennial? All your friends are on Chestnut Street.

Millennials seeking a home in San Francisco, stop and seek no longer.

Sign a lease in Cow Hollow to be with your peers.

For people born "after the early 1980s, Cow Hollow is the place to be," according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which sifted through data presented by Niche.

Niche took a look at median rent, median income, and how many other people in the area are Millennials, the newspaper reported. It found that the "well-paid and well-educated" people of Cow Hollow are also somewhat young.

The area is also "pre-gentrified," the newspaper reported, making it a guilt-free place to live well.

80 percent of the 8,000 people who live in the Marina-adjacent neighborhood are white with bachelor's degrees, the newspaper reported.

Then again, the site also says that the average rent is $1,700 a month. Maybe it was ... when the Millennials were in school.

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