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No Extra Funds for Many of California's Neediest Students: Report

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —A new report concludes thousands of California's neediest students are in districts that don't qualify for extra money under the state's new school funding law.

The Local Control Funding Formula is designed to provide districts with extra funds to serve its low-income, English learner and foster care students. Districts where more than 55 percent of students are considered high need get an extra grant.

The nonprofit Public Policy Institute of California found that 54,000 high-need students aren't in districts that receive the additional funds.

Districts like Capistrano Unified in Orange County lose out on funding because they have an overall small share of high-need students, but two elementary schools are made up of more than 90 percent high-need students.

The report found a total of 677 high-need schools in 154 districts that don't qualify for the extra grant.

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