Oakland Chief: “I've Lost Faith”

Saying "I've lost faith," Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker resigned Tuesday morning.  He said he will work through the end of next month.

He said during a news conference with Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums that the mayor did not ask him to resign and that it was his decision.

Tucker cited conflicts with the City Council as the primary reason for his decision.

Tucker said, "I don't want to be here with this council. I don't have any faith in those council members.  He says he lost faith in the council's ability  to fund his department and implement reforms.  I don't think I'm going to be the right guy to be here with my thoughts and feelings. I think the council has given lip service to the idea they want change."

Dellums said he accepted the resignation with regret.

"This is a man who understood we cannot solve the problem of crime arresting our way through it," Dellums said.

The chief told reporters after the news conference that he feels relieved.

"I like this department, I love this city. I think there are great people here. I just think at this time I'm just not going to be the guy to do this and I think it's probably time for me to go," Tucker said.

When asked if he has any ideas for his replacement he said he thinks the mayor should look within the department.

"There's probably four or five who can do it and yes I have a favorite and I'll be conveying that to the mayor," Tucker said.
City council president Jane Brunner said he hopes the mayor hires someone from outside the department.

"We need a chief who really knows urban life. We need best practices.  Someone who's going to bring us more investigators.  someone who's going to give us a plan, to provide us a plan of how we're going to reduce crime in the city and we haven't gotten that," Brunner said.

Dellums said Tucker has been an agent of change for the city.  He went on to say he wanted to set the record straight, "People in Oakland need to know this: Tucker has strong character."

Dellums said that he will demand that the next chief is also an agent of change, but added that now is not the time to focus on finding a new chief.  He said that will come later.

Dellums said the police need to be taught that just because kids are running from them or reaching for their pants it does not mean they're armed.

Tucker hurried away from reporters who pursued him after last night's State of the City speech without commenting.

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